Off Road Diesel Fuel Delivery

Auto or Will-Call Delivery in Chester County

Off Road Diesel

Off road diesel is sold for equipment and vehicles that are not used on mainstream roadways and highways. Some of the typical consumers are farmers, construction and excavating companies and power generators. Off road diesel can also be known as dyed diesel since it is dyed red to differentiate it from on road diesel. Reilly & Sons Inc. can deliver product automatically or on a will-call basis.  We offer large tank and high volume discounts and are able to store product at our bulk storage facility in Exton, PA. Since off road diesel can be used in such a wide variety of ways, we can also deliver product directly to job sites or for your convenience we also have it available in the pumps at our Pacific Pride fueling station located at 603 E. Lincoln Highway, Exton, PA.

Reilly & Sons Inc. offers off-road diesel as Ultra Low Sulfur Dyed or ULSD. Our diesel has a maximum sulfur concentration of 15 parts per million. This aids in the reduction of emissions caused by diesel exhaust. Contact us for more information and pricing options for delivery.